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Doula Support

My role as a Doula is to provide you with support and guidance so you can feel confident in the decisions you are making for yourself and your family when it comes to your birth and postpartum care.

What does a doula do?

As your birth doula I will offer you physical and emotional support and provide you with evidence based research. I am also there to educate and assist your main support person or partner.


I may support you physically through massage or by suggesting labour positions- we will work together to figure out what suits you best! I will ensure your birth space is calm and comfortable; allowing you to rest with ease.

I will support you emotionally by encouraging and accepting the choices you make so you can feel cared for and safe.

Ultimately, my goal as a birth worker is to stand beside you and support you as you advocate for yourself, your baby and your family!

As a Doula I will not...

  • Speak on your behalf

  • Tell you what you should or should not do

  • Replace your support person

  • Offer medical advice/support

*if at any point you need medical support I will always refer you to your doctor, midwife or a specialist.

Services offered:

 prenatal birth doula


Click below to explore your options for Prenatal & Birth Support!


$1299 +hst

postpartum doula


Click below to explore your options for Postpartum Support!


$35/hr +hst

What Clients Say

"Having Elyse as our doula throughout my pregnancy, at the birth and during the postpartum period has been amazing. She is so warm and knowledgeable and provided such consistent support to both my partner and I. She went above and beyond with her support during my difficult birth.

As a first time parent I had so many questions about how to care for my newborn and Elyse was able to help me learn so much. I wouldn’t be nearly as confident now without her. She continues to be a wonderful resource postpartum and our family looks forward to her visits. I would recommend Elyse in a heartbeat!" 

- Tanya, June 2023

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